A Scholar’s Journey

A family should submit an A Better Change application 18 months before they are seeking placement for their child. This means that the child will be 2 grade levels lower than the grade for which they are seeking placement.


  • a family with a current 4th grader would apply for 6th-grade placement
  • a family with a current 7th grader would apply for 9th-grade placement

The A Better Chance Application is open annually from February 1st through April 15th.

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If accepted to A Better Chance, your family will receive support from A Better Chance as your family seeks placement at an A Better Chance Member School.

A Better Chance provides programming for both students and parents since success in the independent school admissions process requires the entire family to be dedicated to and knowledgeable of the independent school admissions process.

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If your family accepts an admission offer from an A Better Chance Member School, Your child will become a “Scholar” and your family a Scholar family.

Scholars and their families receive ongoing support during their time at their Member School and beyond.

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Once a Scholar graduates from their A Better Chance Member School, whether high school or middle school, they are an Alumna/us of A Better Chance. Congratulations, you made it! A Better Chance Alumni have access to a distinguished network of over 18,000 Alumni.

The Transformational Nature of Education

A Better Chance put me on the path to have options that allowed me to travel around the world ten times over and currently have my dream job.

Michael Gary

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We do not provide scholarships, but for almost 60 years we have specialized in helping families navigate the admissions process for college preparatory schools in order to obtain a quality education - which includes orienting families to financial aid processes and leveraging scholarship funds on their behalf.

On average, it costs A Better Chance thousands of dollars to see each student successfully through our program. However, the services we provide to our families are free.