Dream School Essays This year, Cohort applicants were asked to imagine their Dream School. How does it make them feel? What will they learn? What are the teachers like? Is it colorful? Is there music? Here are some excerpts below:

“My school will have one of the biggest libraries, filled with so many books in many different languages.” - Kenneth Y.

“I want the school of my dreams to be a place where students are not afraid to express themselves, a place where they feel comfortable and safe, and a place where they feel free to try new things.” - Zhanay D.

“In my dream school, our teachers are not just educators but also mentors, helping us through thoughts of fantasy and discovery. Each teacher possesses a unique blend of wisdom, creativity, and passion, inspiring us to unlock our full potential.” - Imani G.

“Throughout the year, there will also be a band that grade kids from 3-5 can participate if they want to. Kids who join the band can do different instruments. Like flute, violin, percussion, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone. Kids who join the band always have a concert for the school and their parents to see. The music of the beautiful instruments will be gorgeous. As beautiful as a garden.” - Stacey B.

“The curriculum requires students to be imaginative, analytical, solution-based thinkers. There’s never a dull learning moment in class! Students collaborate on class projects and school club events to make the learning environment sociable and inclusive.” - Amani J.

“Finally, the most important part is that my dream school would include people of all races, genders, and backgrounds. For a school to be the best for its students, it can't just only teach a certain group of students based on their race or financial status, it has to teach everyone! …Everyone should have a chance to learn.” - Chikamso O.